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GOODLINESS Fat-Reducing Capsules / Herbal Diet Pill

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Fat Reducing Capsule
New filled specific components of refined Chinese herbs
One Capsule A Day
Safe. Healthy. Light and Beautiful

Manufactured under the supervision of Hengji
Medicine Group, Hongkong
380 mg X 10 pill X 2 plate

Goodliness Fat-Reducing Capsules produced through on intensive years of research
and exploration by  Chinese traditional medical doctors. It is prepared carefully
from extracts of rare Chinese traditional herbs which has a fat and weight reducing
efficacy with scientific compatibility it is prove to be effective through experiments
made by procministry of health that GOODLINESS capsules can quickly expel excess
fats and toxins from the body with fat-reducing and toxic expelling capability. 
Weight will be reduced by 6-10 kgs. after 3 boxes of consumption.

Main Components: Lotus Leaf, Ginseng, mulberry, cassia seed and winter melon peel
Function: fat-reducing (particularly in the areas of stomach, bottocks and arms)
Net Content: 380 mg X 10 pill X 2 plate
Guaranteed Period:  24 months
Storage: Airtight and moisture proof
Dosage Intake: 1 Capsule a day, half an hour before meal in the morning.

Indication: Simple, adlolescent and post natal obesity
Centra-indications: pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers
Executive Criterion: Q-DBF001-1996
Production Approval: Wei Shi Jian Zi 2000 No. 0529, Approved by PROC
Authorized Number for Production  Mark: 361927-43
Production Date: See Side of the Box

Special Precautions: (1) It is advisable to drink more fluids, eat more fruits, vegetables,
and certain amount of fats while administering this product. (2) For individuals exceeding 2
0% of the standard weight, one may take it twice a day. 
1 capsule per intake, half an hour before meal in the morning and in the evening.

Manufacturer: Hongda weiye health productions LTD. Beijing PROC
Production Address: Mixin high and new-technology industry zone,. Beijing. PROC.

But 3 cans and we will ship it via PRIORITY MAIL

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for the sake of your health, please carefully identify the anti-counterfeit trademark.

DISCLAIMER: The Products and the claims made about this product have not been
evaluated by  US FDA and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent desease

FITRUM Green Tea Extract Natural Dietary Supplemen

Green Tea Extract (EGCG) TEAVIGO
plus L-Carnitine
Natural Dietary Supplement
(30 Capsules)


Double strength for multiple action! Burns fat, Controls Weight & boosts the body's health!

Today, with the power of technology, science and medicine has extracted the major health
component and active ingredient in Camellia Sinensis or Green Tea - EGCG. Further,
EGCG has been purified leading to a natural compound with a purity of 90% known as TEAVIGO,
proven to promote health, protect the body system, prevent disease and greatly reduce body fat
accumulation and increase fat oxidation!

Rapid-Fire Health Benefits: FITRUM's EGCG component is a powerful anti-oxidant
that deactivates free radical to lessen the odds of cancer, lowers LDL cholesterol levels
that reduces the risk of hypertension and prevents a wide array of disease including
cardiovascular conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, periodontal disease and dental cavities
among others.

Fat-Buster and Weight Loss: The EGCG component in FITRUM has been tested to
enhance metabolism that burns fat, reduces body weight and exerts anti-obesity activity.
Controlled clinical studies with human volunteers treated with the green tea extract high in EGCG
resulted in significant reductions in visceral fat area, body fat ratio, weight and Body Mass Index (BMI).
An increase in energy expenditures and rise in metabolic rates speeds up fat oxidation and
contributes to weight loss. ECGC strikes to strengthen the body and make it slim and healthy.

L-Carnitine; The Amino Acid like nutrient that's good for the heart and bad for the fat. Fats
that are not burned are stored in the body and this can be a major problem. FITRUM's L-Carnitine
component burns fat and converts it into useful energy for physical exertion and most especially
to keep the heart healthy.

Build up the health, Not the fat! L-Carnitine deficiency are manifested as low energy levels and
muscular weakness aside from mental confusion, angina (heart pain), and weight gain.
Cardiovascular health also suffers a major blow if fat is stored as the supply of energy
is insufficient to make the heart perform it's normal function.

Release the energy, Break down the fat! L-Carnitine found in fitrum has a two-stage
complementary action - It burns the fat then turns it into energy that the heart uses to function properly.
Since the heart derives 70% of it's energy from fat breakdown, scientific studies and clinical tests prove
that L-Carnitine supplement assures good weight management and healthy heart maintenance.

COMPONENTS : FITRUM is highly purified extract from the leaves of Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis)
in a form of fine, off-white powder. It is composed of a minimum 90% Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG)
plus L-Carnitine

INGREDIENTS: Each capsule contains 25mg of TEAVIGO, 25mg of L-Carnitine and Lactose, qs.

DOSAGE: Recommended use 3 capsules daily
NOT a substitute to any medical treatment

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